Insight-Driven Solutions Development

4 ways we ensure better products & solutions

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  • We listen to and actively solicit feedback from many surgeons and their care teams – unlike many of our competitors who use a single surgeon’s design or feedback.
  • How the surgeon, care team and patient experience our products is at the forefront of our development process – unlike others who develop by pulling together the best features of competitive devices.

"Surgeons and patients have a friend in our co-founder, John. He’s hands-on walking through the surgeon's experience with the product – how the product feels in the surgeon’s hands, what it takes to successfully install the device, etc. And, it’s back to the drawing board if it’s not the right experience.”….Bryan Cowan, Founder & Chief Executive

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Acuity’s team of talented professionals is our most valuable asset for keeping the surgeon, care team and patients top of mind in everything we do. Our “shoulder-to-shoulder” approach appeals to and rewards individuals who are dedicated to walking in the shoes of surgeons, their care teams and their patients. Then, doing what it takes to support them.

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Our multi-faceted development, testing and manufacturing processes ensure we pay attention to the right details – so that each product and system meets our exacting criteria:

  • Quality: we’ve designed the product in the right way – to the right specifications – with the right materials. And, we’ve conducted the right testing.
  • Robust: exceeds performance requirements for the intended procedure.
  • Reliable: it works every time.

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"We avoid falling in love with products or resting on our laurels. What’s an amazing product today might be less than wonderful five years from now. This motivates us to constantly be improving our products and manufacturing processes.”…Bryan Cowan, Founder & Chief Executive

"We’re always looking for ways to improve our preferred manufacturing process. Strategically leveraging additive manufacturing for certain products is helping us reduce lead time and costs.”…Charlie Forton, Director of Engineering and Regulatory Affairs


Insight driven development approach