Dedicated Spine Solutions Concierge

A Super Rep Who Cares

The Acuity Spine Solutions Concierge is a medical device super rep dedicated to helping you take better care of your patient.

We have re-named the role to distinguish the value they provide Vs. good and mediocre reps in other companies. We invite only medical device super reps to join us as Acuity Spine Solutions Concierges. Their record proves they excel in:

  • Caring about each surgeon & every patient they serve
  • Anticipating surgeon & care team needs as the case progresses
  • Augmenting the surgical team with their consistent presence & knowledge
  • Observing, listening to and sharing opportunities to boost quality patient outcomes, OR efficiency and product performance
  • “I’m working shoulder-to-shoulder with you” attitude

Value Goes Beyond the OR

Serving as a valuable extension of each surgeon’s OR team is basic to the role of the Acuity Spine Solutions Concierge. We’ve carefully selected individuals with the foresight and expertise to tailor support for each surgeon’s needs in the OR and beyond.

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  • Supports OR team (surgeon, scrub tech, circulating nurse) in setting up for the operative procedure
  • Ensures appropriate device and equipment is present and in working order
  • Informs OR team on nuances of equipment
  • Supports OR team in anticipating what is needed as surgery progresses
  • Augments OR team and increases efficiency of procedure
  • Provides guidance during unexpected events and equipment malfunctions


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“The device reps are almost an extension of the OR team. Even when using my typical implants, the team really depends upon the rep to ensure patient safety and an efficient operative procedure.

Sometimes there are issues with case sterilization, or even with instrument failure, and the rep is able to get the needed implants to the room (usually faster) than the OR nurse. Especially with new technologies, the OR staff is probably not accustomed to the implants or hardware. The rep is able to instruct the team in steps required.” Johnathan Hyde, MD, South Florida Spine Institute

“Device representatives are EXTREMELY vital in the operating room for efficiency. The reps are aiding the scrub techs with the next step in the operation, flow of the surgery and if something unexpected happens that changes the operative plan.” Michael Steinmetz, MD, Chairman of Neurosciences & Medical Director of the Spine Center, MetroHealth System, Cleveland



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