Super Reps Rewarded Here


If you’re looking for

  • Work/life balance
  • Being valued and rewarded for the quality relationships you’ve developed over the years
  • Helping your customers take better care of their patients

We’re recruiting experienced sales execs with strong ties to the spine surgeon community. If you’re interested in joining a company where

  • You earn the highest commissions in the industry
  • You enjoy best-in-class benefits
  • You share ownership in a growing business

Join our highly rewarded team of business owners who work “shoulder-to-shoulder” with each other, our team and our customers.

Call Bryan 214-405-2870 or John 817-718-0538. All calls are confidential

About Acuity

Spine surgeons choose Acuity Surgical for spinal implant solutions. They know they can count on Acuity's unwavering commitment to develop, design, produce, procure and support premiere lumbar, cervical and biologic evidenced-based systems.

Your Acuity Team

The “shoulder-to-shoulder” philosophy of Acuity’s founders is at the center of every relationship we foster from the individuals we recruit to join our team to the surgeons and care teams we serve to the suppliers we partner with.

Acuity = Insight Driven

The word acuity means insight. And, the Acuity Surgical name reflects how we do business. We care about what matters for individual surgeons, their patients and care teams. This drives us to develop a keen insight about their needs and experiences. Then, we do what it takes to support them.