Meet Your Acuity Team

The “shoulder-to-shoulder” philosophy of Acuity’s founders is at the center of every relationship we foster from the individuals we recruit to join our team to the surgeons and care teams we serve to the suppliers we partner with.

Everything we do reflects this “shoulder-to-shoulder” approach – From our Acuity name , to our total support of each surgeon and every patient to our product development and manufacturing processes to business co-ownership with our business development and other team members.

“Working shoulder-to-shoulder with people is essential to our business. It means we put ourselves in the shoes of those we serve and work with. Then, we do what it takes to support them. Supporting a successful outcome for them makes us all successful.”….Bryan Cowan, Acuity Founder & Chief Executive

“What people experience is a prime consideration as we develop products and solutions. We go beyond the technical aspects to address important questions like, ‘If my Mother was to have spine surgery, what experience would I want for her? What can we do to better support the surgeon’s and care team’s experience as they strive to deliver quality care?’ ”….John “JD” Davidson, Acuity Founder & Chief Executive

Acuity = Insight Driven Total Support

Our commitment to each surgeon and every patient is reflected in in the Acuity Surgical name and everything we do. The word acuity means insight or awareness. For example, acuity- based staffing uses insight about the needs of individual patients rather than raw patient numbers to assign nurses. Acuity Surgical’s business is built on a similar approach. We care about what matters for individual surgeons as well as their patients and care teams. This drives us to develop a keen understanding of their needs and experiences. Then, we do what it takes to support them.