Meet Your Acuity Team

Tony Carlone

Tony Carlone

Vice President of Business Development

Tony Carlone is an accomplished medical device professional with 24 years of experience in R&D and sales leadership in the orthopedic, spine and cardiovascular markets. Carlone’s relentless focus on procedural innovation based on insights from surgical teams and the highest ethical standards has fostered quality patient care.

Prior to joining Acuity, Carlone honed his product development and leadership skills with DePuy Spine R&D/Engineering group and as a director on their Surgical Innovations team. Earlier in his career, he was a product designer for Genzyme Biosurgery.

Carlone is named on 17 spinal patents which include Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) and Complex Deformity Instrumentation and Implants. He also holds 6 device patents in the Cardiac Bypass Surgery space.

Carlone earned a Bachelor of Science Business in management from the University of Phoenix. His education also includes production engineering at the Berklee College of Music and engineering studies at the Hall Institute of Technology.

How does Tony serve spine surgeons and their care teams?
Supporting surgeons in the OR for the last 8 years and my Mom’s experience as a spine surgery patient have shaped my approach to designing spine products. My focus is on designing minimally invasive products that help our surgeon customers lessen patient pain, minimize blood loss, shorten their hospital stay, diminish scarring and decrease chance of infection.

In his free-time, Carlone enjoys riding motorcycles throughout the world as well as playing percussion and recording music with local and regional bands. A perpetual student of history, Carlone lives in a community with historic roots spanning three centuries and he has travelled by motorcycle throughout the United States, Swiss Alpes, Pyrenees Mountains, France, Spain and Northern Italy. He relishes spending time with family and friends.