Dedicated Spine Solutions Concierge

The heart of Acuity’s total support approach is your Spine Solutions Concierge, a credentialed medical device sales rep with significant OR experience.

Your Acuity Spine Solutions Concierge can work with you and your care team to:

  • Understand your challenges and suggest solutions
  • Provide recommendations about how to properly install and operate a particular device
  • Offer support and guidance in the OR
  • Garner your feedback for implant, installation and support improvements
  • Supply tools to help enhance supply chain and OR management
  • Avoid the risk of patient complications, readmissions, inefficiencies and lawsuits

The information and support your Spine Solutions Concierge provides is crucial to help you avoid:

  • Patient complications and readmissions
  • Inefficiencies that drive up costs
  • Risk of lawsuits

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